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Physiobot® does not offer medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Physiobot is not a replacement for a physical therapist or doctor. Please consult with your physical therapist or doctor if you have any questions about your symptoms and/or prior to initiating a new exercise program.


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We Know The Right Questions

To Get You The Right Answers

Leverage our Physical Therapist-trained AI to instantly analyze your knee pain symptoms. Free.

Dave Kittle, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Physiobot's ability to analyze knee symptoms and offer instant condition matching amazed me.

Kerry Petsinger, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Physiobot is an excellent resource for insight into joint symptoms through intelligent analysis and care guidance.

Rob Vining, MPT

Masters of Physical Therapy

Physiobot is the only musculoskeletal-AI I've found that is like talking to an experienced professional.


"Physiobot told me in two minutes what it took two weeks and a co-pay to find out from my doctor. Thanks!"



The Right Questions

How did the pain begin? What provides relief?  Does it hurt more going up or down stairs? 

The right questions get you to...


The Right Answers

Find the knee conditions that match your symptoms. Simple, straight-forward descriptions provided.

The right answers get you to...

The Right Care

What to do. What not to do. Therapeutic exercises that have are Physiobot reviewed and approved.

Still have questions? We get you to...

The Right Clinician*

Free 10-minute consultations with a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Review your symptoms, possible conditions and exercises. Available via phone or video.

*Available only to Exclusive Gym Partners

We believe finding good joint pain answers should be easy.

Turns out, everyone agrees. 

Our Promise

We will find the answers you need or connect you to a clinician who can. Fast, free and efficient. We've got your covered. 

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