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The Full Story


Physiobot was created by a Physical Therapist, Matthew Henderson MPT, after he realized how frequently his friends and family were calling for advice on their aches and pains. While he was happy to help, he knew not everyone has a joint specialist to contact at a moment's notice.


Matt looked for an online resource he could recommend that offered musculoskeletal guidance that was personalized, practical and completely honest. He never found it.


So he decided to build it. 


Physiobot was born.

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Help people get out of pain and back to life as quickly as possible. Empower individuals with the knowledge they need, when they need it, and facilitate access to care when appropriate.


"We want Physiobot's users to feel like they have a joint specialist in their pocket and ready to answer their questions anytime, anywhere, and at no cost. Imagine how many people that could help."

- Matthew Henderson, MPT

Founder  |  CEO  |

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Joint Pain Analysis Is a Click Away

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