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Your Care Guide is designed to help you get better fast by addressing the key areas every physical therapist knows are critical for joint pain recovery. 

"Physiobot is the only musculoskeletal-AI that is like talking to an experienced professional."

Rob Vining, Masters of Physical Therapy


Meniscus Care Guide

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  • Baker's Cyst Guide

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We can (finally) pay the interns!

We believe joint care info should be personalized and affordable for all.


Your 30-day program is broken down into four phases with clear goals.

At Physiobot, we believe joint care knowledge and early care should be accessible and affordable to all. Stop hurting and start healing - now!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee, or your money back.

Your Care Guide is built to help you get better fast by addressing the key areas every physical therapist knows are critical for joint pain recovery.

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Your 30-day program is divided into four parts with clear goals to fix your pain as quickly as possible.


Start doing the right exercises, right now.

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Strength. Flexibility. These are simple but effective exercises. The right combination is key for a successful recovery. 


"I saw this on social media" doesn't cut it. We look at the evidence.

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"I saw this thing on social media" isn't enough. We empower you with the evidence to make the best decisions for you.

"I tried so many exercises but never found the right combination. Physiobot nailed it!"

- M Hardy, Boulder CO

"Physiobot is an excellent resource for insight into joint symptoms through intelligent analysis and care guidance."

- Kerry Petsinger, Doctor of Physical Therapy

"Physiobot's ability to analyze joint pain symptoms and offer instant condition matching amazed me."

- Dave Kittle, Doctor of Physical Therapy

Physiobot delivers the information you need to get out of pain - and back to life.


"Physiobot showed me how to fix myself. Amazing - thank you!"

D. Mertens, Denver CO


Care Guide Access


Physiobot was created by a Physical Therapist, Matthew Henderson MPT, after he realized how frequently his friends and family were calling for advice on their aches and pains. While he was happy to help, he knew not everyone has a joint specialist to contact at a moment's notice.


Matt looked for an online resource he could recommend that offered musculoskeletal guidance that was personalized, practical and completely honest. He never found it.


So he decided to build it.

Physiobot was born.

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Physiobot is a revolutionary advance in joint pain analysis.

Finding joint pain answers online has not changed in the last 20 years.

Ask Google, scroll through WebMD, try a few YouTube videos.

It's confusing and ineffective.

With Physiobot, that's all over.

Warm Up on the Beach


Help people get out of pain and back to life as quickly as possible. Empower individuals with the knowledge they need, when they need it, and facilitate access to care when appropriate.


"We want Physiobot's users to feel like they have a joint specialist in their pocket and ready to answer their questions anytime, anywhere, and at no cost. Imagine how many people that could help."

- Matthew Henderson, MPT

Founder  |  CEO  |

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