They fix joint pain all day

Accessing joint care has historically been difficult and resulted in delayed treatment. This can lead to prolonged pain and high out-of-pocket costs that could have been avoided. Which is basically a good description of the U.S. healthcare system: late and expensive.


The good news is you now more have options than ever before. 

Below we have listed a few resources we recommend to our friends and family. As always, we strived to give our honest take on each. 

We hope it is helpful and if you do use any of these resources, please send us your thoughts. The Physiobot community will always be our best source of ongoing user feedback.


Our reviews include resources and products that we trust and believe are useful to our users. If you schedule an appointment through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. It's how we keep the lights on and Physiobot free for our users. 


In-Home Orthopedic
Luna Physical Therapy

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Our preferred option. Allows for PT care at home and for the same cost as in the clinic.

  • Commercial insurance accepted

  • Per Luna, you'll pay the same co-pay as at a clinic and"Not a penny more."

  • Accepts Medicare with no additional fees for home-based care

  • Matched with the same Physical Therapist every visit

  • No prescription required

  • Receive care within 48 hours


Luna Physical Therapy was launched in 2018 and has been growing ever since. The leading on-demand physical therapy provider, they have a stated mission to "reimagine the physical therapy experience." That's a big idea and we were honestly a bit dubious when it launched. But we have to admit, it appears to be working. 


Luna is at its core a technology platform that facilitates in-person physical therapy at your home or work. Connecting local therapists with individuals looking for therapy that fits around their schedules (and location.) 


This model has been experimented with before, with varying levels of success. Where Luna is changing the game is by accepting insurance and keeping the co-pays in-line with what a clinic would charge. That's a big deal.


Clients have the same physical therapist for the duration of their care plan, are provided with an exercise app, and can even have questions answered by using the app between sessions. And thanks to direct access laws, a prescription is no longer required to receive a physical therapy evaluation.  


The main concern for some clients is not having access to clinic-based equipment. However, we consider this a minor issue considering the vast majority of exercises can be done with body weight, free weights, or therabands. All of which are provided by Luna. It's a small price to pay for hands-on care with this level of convenience.


The feedback from users seems extremely positive with an over 95% 5-star rating on Yelp and Indeed. It's our number one choice for it's impressive blend of cost, accessibility, and technology.

Screenshot 2022-09-27 154845.png

The best search platform to access Telehealth or clinic-based Physical Therapists that accept your insurance.

  • Easy to use and search for providers offering local PT services

  • Ability to search based on insurance types accepted was key

  • Identifies if Telehealth is provided

  • Simple and efficient scheduling 


BetterPT provides the best public-facing platform for searching and setting appointments for Telehealth or clinic-based physical therapy. The offering is even more impressive when you include the ability to search based on your insurance. After all, there is nothing worse than spending the time and effort on finding a recommended clinician, only to have them not accept your insurance.

Regarding Telehealth physical therapy: At this time it is quite difficult to find virtual PT through the major Telehealth providers such as Teladoc, Amwell etc. A simple google search will send you down the rabbit hole and filling out forms just to find out if PT services are provided (trust us, we tried.) Often they are not.


It's also important to note the primary function of the BetterPT search tool is for clinic-based care. Only if a clinic provides Telehealth services will it appear as an option. We considered this to be a benefit in case hands-on care is eventually required. Being able to transition to in-clinic care with the clinician that already knows your situation is a nice perk.

In conclusion, BetterPT's ability to instantly put in a city/insurance carrier and immediately schedule with a local Telehealth PT provider impressed our reviewers.

Updated 9/2022: BetterPT is now BetterHealthcare. Their Telehealth PT search functionality remains functional and available to the public at the time of this update.

Screenshot 2022-09-27 163257.png

Useful if you would like to drill down on specialties and are ok with a more rudimentary interface. Cannot search by insurance carrier.

  • Basic search for local Physical Therapists

  • Notes if clinician has a specialty or Board-Certified

  • Operated by the American Physical Therapy Association

  • No clinician reviews

The APTA Physical Therapist search tool is a simple way to search for clinicians affiliated with the primary trade association group for PT's. The search tool allows a user to search through multiple categories - although we're betting the vast majority of users just input their desired location. Due to this fairly large number of categories, the interface feels a bit cluttered. 

Oddly, the search tool required we enter a CAPTCHA to prove we weren't a robot. Which we found a bit amusing and left our testers wondering how many bots are searching for physical therapists.

The results provided a number of clinicians in the users region. Any specialties and board-certified credentials were clearly noted. There were no patient reviews or insurance search functions available.

This is a functional PT search tool that can be most beneficial when a user is searching for in-clinic care from specialists in their area (pediatric, pelvic floor specialists etc.)